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Key trends this month

  • Complaint appeals opened by Passenger Focus or London TravelWatch: There were 1,013 appeals during 2011-12 Q3. This is the highest recorded since the table began in 2009-10 Q4 and is 54% higher than Q3 last year. East Coast had the highest number of appeals of all companies, with 234, this is a 141% increase on Q3 last year. Virgin trains experienced the largest percentage increase in appeals between 2010-11 Q3 and 2011-12 Q3, with a 172% increase.
  • Complaint comments received by Passenger Focus or London TravelWatch: In 2011-12 Q3 almost a third (30.3%) of complaint comments received by Passenger Focus or London TravelWatch were regarding fares, retailing and refund, and 22.6% were regarding complaint handling.
  • Annual Returnpre created reports:  We added reports on gauge and signalling infrastructure condition assessment.
  • TTKM:Timetabled train km has been increasing every year since the data has been collected in 2003-04. This reflects the increase in rail usage on the network.  The total amount of timetabled train km has increased by 2.8% in 2011-12 Q4, when compared to the same quarter last year. Franchised operators have increased by 2.9% whereas non-franchised operators have decreased by 1.9%. The non-franchised decline is mainly due to the closure of Wrexham and Shropshire trains during 2010-11 Q4.
  • ODM: The 2010-11 figures show that
  • 1.16 bn rail journeys took place in Great Britain – up 8.9% from 2009-10. 769.8 million rail journeys took place within individual GORs (an increase of 10.3% compared with 2009-10) and there were 393.3 million rail journeys between GORs (up 6.3% from 2009-10).
  • The total number of rail journeys for England was 1.05 bn - up 9.4% on 2009-10.
  • The total number of rail journeys for Scotland was 85.9 million - up 4.4% on 2009-10. 78.5 million rail journeys took place within Scotland (an increase of 3.7% compared with 2009-10) and there were 7.4 million rail journeys between Scotland and other GORs (up 11.7% from 2009-10).
  • The total number of rail journeys for Wales rose to 27.3 million – up 4.7% from 2009-10. 18.7 million rail journeys took place within Wales (an increase of 3.8% on 2009-10) and there were 8.6 million rail journeys between Wales and other GORs (up 6.8% from 2009-10).
  • London had more rail journeys than any other government region and 60.7% of all rail journeys in Great Britain started and/or ended in London. There were 706.3 million journeys involving London, an 11.7% increase on the previous year. There were 371.7 million journeys made within London (a 17.3% increase on 2009-10) and there were 334.5 million journeys made between London and other GORs (a 6.1% increase on the previous year).

Current and future reports:

  • NRT Quarterly  Summary (Q3):  This report will provide a summary of rail industry performance in Great Britain for 2011-12 Q3. The report will draw on all of the National Rail Trend (NRT) data that has been released on the ORR data portal (http://dataportal.orr.gov.uk/) in the last quarter. Please note this is a static document so even once it is published you should always check the NRT data portal for the latest data. Links will be included in the report. 
  • To access a list of reports and datasets recently added is, please see: https://dataportal.orr.gov.uk/release-history.  A list of all forthcoming reports and when they are published can be found in our publication schedule at: http://www.rail-reg.gov.uk/server/show/nav.1862.


  • Use of NRT data- As part of our commitment to continually improve the information we provide, we would like your views on what you use National Rail Trends data for.  This feeds directly into the presentation of data and our process for improving the quality of notes we provide with each dataset, table or chart and also helps to ensure that we are complying with the UKSA code of practice. Please click on the following link to complete a short survey.  It’ll only take a few minutes: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/useofNRT
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