Welcome to the February edition of the National Rail Trends (NRT)portal newsletter. 
We have received a very good response to the invitation to review the improvements and changes we are making to the NRT Portal, and would like to thank all those who have volunteered. The event takes place next week, Tuesday 5 March 2013 from 12-2pm at ORR’s central London offices. An agenda will be sent out this week.
Ahead of the meeting next week, we have already implemented changes to improve the navigation from the ORR home page leading to the NRT Data Portal.
Key data published this month

  • Network Rail Monitor (Key Statistics) 2012-2013 Q3: The Network Rail Monitor is an important tool used for holding Network Rail to account. The key statistics data provides a summary of PPM MAA, CaSL MAA, FPM, Network availability, Network Rail delay minutes, and infrastructure asset failures data at National, England and Wales and Scotland levels.
  • Signals Passed at Danger (SPADS) 2012-2013 Q3:  There were 80 signals passed at danger (SPADs) in 2012-13 Q3, which is an increase of 21.2% compared to 2011-12 Q3. The moving annual average number of SPADs in 2012-13 Q3 was 64, having gone up from the previous quarter. The number of potentially severe SPADs recorded in 2012-13 Q3 was 6. This was the highest number of potentially severe SPADs recorded in any quarter since 2010-11 Q3.

Current and future reports

  • NRT Quarterly Summary (Q2): The latest quarterly report is now available at: http://www.rail-reg.gov.uk/server/show/nav.1527. This report provides a summary of rail industry performance in Great Britain for 2012-13 Q2, drawing on all of the National Rail Trends (NRT) data that was released on the ORR data portal (http://dataportal.orr.gov.uk/) in the last quarter. Please note that this document is unchanged once published and you should always check the NRT data portal for the latest data.
  • For a list of reports and datasets recently added, please see: https://dataportal.orr.gov.uk/release-history. To view a list of all forthcoming reports and when they are published, refer to our publication schedule at: http://www.rail-reg.gov.uk/server/show/nav.1862.
  • Public Performance Measure (PPM) Revision: Following errors being identified in sector data for the period prior to 2002/03, which were corrected in the publication of 2012-13 Q2 data a full review of the methodology used to calculate the PPM time series has been undertaken. Resultantly, and following consultation with the Rail Statistics Users Meeting Group, we have now implemented a new time series from a single data source which includes the benefit of providing operator moving annual averages (MAAs) alongside the actuals back to 1997-98 (this was previously available for the latest quarter).   The changes cover three of the four official publications, and provide data from 1997-98 Q1 onwards. Full details of the revision can be found in a specific revisions paper available at: http://www.rail-reg.gov.uk/server/show/nav.2257.


  • Use of NRT data– We are committed to continually improve the information we provide and welcome your views on what you use National Rail Trends data for. By gathering feedback from users on their experiences of the statistical service they receive, data quality and the timing of outputs, ORR is better able to improve the quality of our statistical outputs.  Please click on the following link to complete a short survey.  It’ll only take a few minutes: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/useofNRT
  • Your feedback is useful to us. Please feel free to drop us a line at:  dataportal@orr.gsi.gov.uk.

Best regards,
Folusho Amusan
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