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We were pleased that the NRT Portal was referenced byThe Right Honourable Justine Greening MP, Secretary of State for Transport, in the command paper issued on 8 March 2012 ( as a source of reliable and up to date rail statistics.  This spurs us on to ensure we improve not just the timeliness of the data provided but also increase the breadth of data we provide (in line with areas of the valuable feedback we received from our survey).
Key trends this month

  • Passenger journeys: The number of franchised passenger journeys in 2011-12 Q3 increased to 371.9m which is an 8.0% increase on 2010-11 Q3.  It is the highest number recorded in the time series dating back to 2002-03 although the introduction of Oyster PAYG in January 2010 has aided growth in the last two years.
  • Passenger KMs:The number of franchised passenger kilometres in 2011-12 Q3 increased to 14.3bn.  This was 5.6% higher than in 2010-11 Q3. The number of passenger kilometres on non-franchised services fell by 8.8% compared to 2010-11 Q3.
  • Passenger revenue: Franchised passenger revenue reached £1,808m in 2011-12 Q3, a rise of 10.2% on 2010-11 Q3.  It was the 12th quarter in succession that passenger revenue has grown.  Each sector reported their highest quarterly revenue figures of the year to date in Q3.
  • Freight lifted: Total quarterly freight lifted is at its highest level since 2008-09 Q2.  In 2011-12 Q3, the total amount of freight lifted was 25.7 million tonnes, 17.5% more than 2010-11 Q3.  The amount of coal lifted in 2011-12 Q3 was the highest quarterly figure since 2008-09 Q4.
  • Freight moved: The amount of freight moved hit its peak during 2006-07 with 21.88 billion net tonne kilometres moved.  The total amount of freight moved in 2011-12 Q3 has increased by 13.3% compared to the same quarter last year.
  • Annual Returnpre created reports:There are now more Network Rail route (disaggregated) reports available.
  • Private investment in railways: £104 million was invested into the railways by private companies during 2011-12 Q3.  69% of this was expenditure in rolling stock, 7% in stations, and 24% in various other types of expenditure.  The amount of investment was down
    £3 million on Q3 2010-11.  This is the lowest amount invested in a quarter 3 during this time series.
  • Complaints:In 2011-12 Q3, 11 train operating companies saw their complaints rate worsen compared to 2010-11 Q3.  Eight train operating companies saw an improvement. In 2011-12 Q3, 38% of all complaints were for train service performance.  Since 2007-08 Q4, the percentage of complaints regarding quality on train has increased from 12% to 16% in 2011-12 Q3.
  • National Rail Enquiries Services:The number of telephone enquiries fell to 1.4million in 2011-12 Q3, a fall of 46% on 2010-11 Q3.  Telephone enquiries are on a long-term downward trend as self-service channel usage increases. Since the beginning of 2008-09, self-service channel usage has increased by 86.9%.

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