June 2011 Newsletter

Dear subscriber
The National Rail Trends (NRT) Portal has now been live for four weeks. We hope you have found it to be a useful and interesting tool for accessing ORR's rail statistics. We have received positive feedback from a number of users and have been very pleased with the interest the site has generated in Britain and overseas.
This is the first NRT Portal newsletter. Unless you select 'unsubscribe'* in your 'My Account' area, we will send you further newsletters every time new datasets have been added to the NRT Portal or we introduce new functionality. We are very keen to receive feedback from users and would encourage you to contact us if you have any suggestions, queries or comments.
New datasets
Since the portal went live we have introduced the following datasets:

  • Complaints (Source: Train Operating Companies)
    • Percentage of train service performance related complaints
    • Percentage of fares, retailing and refund complaints
    • Percentage of quality of train related complaints
    • Percentage of staff conduct and availability related complaints
    • Percentage of complaints regarding complaints handling
    • Percentage of complaints regarding the information at station and on trains
    • Percentage of station quality related complaints
    • Percentage of other complaints
  • National Rail Enquiry Services (Source: Association of Train Operating Companies)
    • Percentage of calls answered
    • Percentage of calls not answered - engaged
    • Percentage of calls not answered - ringtone
    • Number of calls answered
    • Number of calls not answered - engaged
    • Number of calls not answered - ringtone
    • Total number of calls
    • Number of times PDA Services used
    • Number of times Text My Journey used
    • Number of times Train Tracker Telephone used
    • Number of times Train Tracker Text system used
    • The number of separate National Rail Enquiry Service webpages viewed
    • The number of times the National Rail Enquiry Service website is visited
  • Rolling stock (Source: Department for Transport)
    • Average age of rolling stock by sector
    • Average age of rolling stock by train operating company

New reports
The following reports have also been added since the portal went live:

  • Average age of rolling stock by train operating company - Table
  • Freight Moved - Table
  • Freight Moved - Chart (annual figures)
  • Freight Moved - Chart (quarterly figures)

Definitions of all datasets and indicators can be found in the 'notes and sources' tab of the report wizard.
We hope you continue to find the NRT Portal a useful tool and welcome any feedback you may have.
Best regards
Chris Fieldsend
Business Intelligence Manager
Office of Rail Regulation
One Kemble Street
London WC2 B4AN
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