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Following user feedback, we are in the process of adding reference numbers to tabular data which is published on the portal for the Report Wizard and Data Portal reports.  This process will be taking place over a time period and will be done on a category by category basis.  This means that some reports will have table numbers sooner than others. 

Following the non-availability of the Data Portal on the 20th May and 10th June we have held discussions with our IT vendor regarding the causes and mitigation to prevent a repetition of this outage again.  The cause of the initial failure was due to the failure of hardware held by our cloud storage supplier.  The cause of the latest failure is being investigated.  We can now confirm that  in the next few weeks they will be building in further redundancy to reduce the probability of this failure recurring.  Once again, our apologies for this non-avaliability of the portal and any inconvience caused 

Owing to data supply issues, we are unable to publish the 2013-14 annual data for the impact of freight on road haulage and the market share for rail freight. We are working with our data suppliers and shall provide an update on timescales on the data portal as soon as we have more information.  ORR apologises for any inconvenience this may cause.


Precursor Indicator Model Publication

The Railway Safety Standard Board's (RSSB) Precursor Indicator Model (PIM) has been published on the ORR Data Portal since 9th May 2011.  RSSB have now taken the decision to publish the raw data on their website.   To avoid duplication of effort, the ORR has decided to withdraw this publication from the ORR Data Portal.  For further details concerning this change, please review the further information page of the portal.


We discovered an issue on 13th March 2014 with the numbers published in the Complaints by train operating company and contact method table for 2013-14 Q2 in the 2013-14 Q2 statistical release.  The issue relates to individual operator values for the quarter only including one out of four applicable periods in Q2. The variation amounts to +/-15%. This has now been corrected and a revised table published.  Our revisions log will be updated to reflect. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

For any further information, please contact the statistics Head of Profession, Fazilat Dar at  rstats@orr.gsi.gov.uk  on 0207 282 3705.

As part of our commitment to improving the quality of our statistics in line with requirements for National Statistics accreditation, we introduced themed statistical releases in the latter part of 2013. These will provide contextual commentary on statistics across a common topic (e.g. rail usage) and will aid the user in the interpretation of the data. This means that we will no longer be producing the quarterly summary in its current form, with quarter 4 2012-13 (Jan – Mar 2013) being the last one. Please contact us at rail.stats@orr.gsi.gov.uk for more information.

The data wizard reports relating to service satisfaction have been removed from the Data Portal as many of them are due to be revised.  Alternative service satisfaction data may be viewed in the form of pre-created reports at service satisfaction reports

There are some changes to the following publications.

  • Rail Market Share
  • Complaints: London Travel Watch and Passenger Focus
  • Crowding Data

For more information go to further information or contact the statistics Head of Profession, Fazilat Dar at rstats@orr.gsi.gov.uk  on 0207 282 3705.

Next scheduled reports to be added – TBC:

  • Rail safety 2013/14 - key safety statistics (Source : RSSB, LUL)

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