Delay compensation claims

Quarterly statistics containing data on the volume of delay compensation claims made by passengers on rail services within Great Britain and how effectively train operating companies’ processed and resolved these.

For details on how these statistics are compiled, please see our Passenger rail service complaints and delay compensation claims quality and methodology report  and for information on any revisions, please see our Revisions Log.

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Latest factsheet

Delays compensation claims fact sheet 2020-21 Q3
Delays compensation claims fact sheet 2020-21 Q3

Date published: 08 Apr 2021
Date next published: 24 Jun 2021

Key results

  • During 2020-21 rail periods 8 to 10, delay compensation claims have continued to be affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The volume of train services and passengers on the network were higher than earlier in the year but remained at historically low levels, resulting in continued high levels of punctuality and reliability and subsequently a low volume of delay compensation claims.
  • There were 96,989 delay compensation claims closed by train operators during 2020-21 rail periods 8 to 10 (18 October 2020 to 9 January 2021). This is a decrease of 94.6% from 1.8 million claims closed during the same rail periods in 2019-20.
  • Overall, 99.9% of delay compensation claims were closed within 20 working days (up 1.5 percentage points (pp) compared to 2019-20 rail periods 8 to 10) and 78.8% of claims closed were approved (down 5.5pp compared to 2019-20 rail periods 8 to 10).