FOI and ad-hoc data requests

This page includes datasets provided by the rail statistics team in response to Freedom of Information and other ad-hoc data requests.

Passenger journeys made by people with disabilities

  • Summary: Request for the number of journeys made on mainline rail by people with disabilities. This dataset contains information on number of journeys made by passengers where the ticket purchased was discounted for wheelchair and visually impaired users, or used a Disabled Persons Railcard.
  • Source: Lennon ticketing and revenue database
  • Time period: 2018-19 and 2019-20
  • Date of request: 6 May 2020

Revenue market share

  • Summary: Request for market share of revenue by ticket type since 2014, based on a breakdown of regulated and unregulated tickets. These are based on the categories used with UK Rail Financials.
  • Source: Lennon ticketing and revenue database
  • Time period: 2014 - 2019
  • Date of request: 25 February 2020

Car parking spaces at rail stations

  • Summary: A comma separated file (.csv) containing a list of all stations in Great Britain with the number of car parking spaces available. The dataset also contains post code and longitude/latitude data.
  • Source: National Rail Enquiries
  • Time period: February 2020
  • Date of request: 14 February 2020