P-coded cancellations

Periodic (4-weekly) statistics on resource availability shortage pre-cancellations (i.e. changes to train services caused by non-availability of staff or rolling stock) that are included in a revised timetable, and therefore may not be appearing in operators’ cancellations scores.

Operators have been providing ORR with the number of resource availability shortage “P*-coded” pre-cancellations since railway period 11 (8 January 2023 to 4 February 2023). The factsheet and data table present data for both on the day cancellations and resource availability shortage “P*-coded” pre-cancellations by cause for each operator.

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Latest factsheet

Key results

  • Eight operators recorded resource availability shortage “P*-coded” pre-cancellations. Of these, six were due to the operator having resource availability shortage, one was due to Network Rail resource availability shortage only (London Overground), and one was due to both operator and Network Rail (TfW Rail).