How many trains arrive on time


In the charts above, you can view historic series of the punctuality of trains at recorded stations stops and the reliability of trains using the Cancellations measure. You can also find attributed delay minutes by category. Each series is presented by quarter relating to financial years. For example, Q1 would start on April 1 and end on June 30.

On Time measures the percentage of recorded station stops arrived at early or less than one minute after the scheduled time. Punctuality at recorded station stops within 3 and 15 minutes respectively is also presented.

The Cancellations measure is a weighted score, which counts full cancellations as one and part cancellations as half and is presented as a percentage of all planned trains.

MAA stands for "Moving Annual Average" and it is the average value calculated over the previous 12 months. For example, the MAA in Q1 2019-20 would be the average of the four quarters from Q2 2018-19 to Q1 2019-20.

Train punctuality and reliability data tables can be found on our passenger rail performance page