User engagement

This page provides our users and stakeholders with information about:

  • our proposals about changes to our statistics;
  • changes in methodology prior to publication;
  • our consultations with the rail industry and other stakeholders.

We encourage feedback from users of our statistics at any time. We will actively seek feedback when we have proposals for changes, which we be clearly highlighted on this page. 

Read our Statement on user engagement.

Rail statistics management group

The Rail statistics management group (RSMG) is composed of the main industry participants where we discuss possible improvements to rail statistics and research in the rail industry.

Rail statistics newsletter

Publication delay: Rail fares index

Our rail fares index statistical release is usually published annually in April or May. This release contains information on the annual change in fares applicable from January. Following the Department for Transport's announcement that this year's rail fares rise will be delayed from January till 1 March 2021, our statistical release will now be published on 17th June. This is due to fares information not being available till two months later than initially anticipated.

If you have any queries or feedback on this release, please email us at rail.stats@orr.gov.uk. Similarly, if you are a user of these statistics and have any comments on your use of these statistics, we would welcome your feedback. 

Proposed changes: Table numbers

Due to changes in how we categorise data since the launch of our data portal, we introduced new table numbers for all of our data tables. This should mean that table numbers published under each theme are more coherent. 

For users who were familiar with the old table numbers, we have produced a spreadsheet detailing the table number changes for each of our data tables.

Data Portal: User engagement survey

Our user engagement survey is now closed but thank you to all users that took the opportunity to provide us with feedback. We have now published the results of the user engagement survey and the implementation plan, which can be found below.

Improving rail data

Given the majority of our data comes from administrative systems used for operational purposes with statistical use being a secondary purpose we are currently planning a work programme to better understand the quality of the data our suppliers provide. We will work with our data suppliers and use the Office for Statistics Regulation’s standard Quality Assurance of Administrative Data (QAAD) as a toolkit to assist us with our assessment.

We use independent reporters to assess the quality of data provided by Network Rail. The quality is graded on two aspects: system reliability and data accuracy. Reports on completed assessments are published on the ORR website.

A number of other reviews have previously been commissioned by us to ensure that our data are robust and align with stakeholder requirements. These reports are below:

Analytical reports 


We welcome feedback. Please send an email to rail.stats@orr.gov.uk with any comments or suggestions.